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4th grade

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What is the different between reptiles and amphibians?

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  • 4th grade -

    Reptiles and amphibians do share some similarities and could also be considered as related, though very distinctly, but there are some very important characteristics that clearly distinguish the two from each other. A notable similarity between the two is that both are cold blooded animals – that is their internal body temperature changes with the environment unlike humans where the temperature remains the same, more or less. Reptiles and amphibians can be distinguished physically as well as by studying the different phases of life of the animal. Both the animals reproduce by laying eggs, but this is where the similarities come to an end.

    The eggs of a reptile tend to have hard shells with a leathery feel. They are so designed so as to protect young ones and are usually laid in insulated and deeply buried nests. On the other hand, amphibians lay eggs with soft shells with the external membrane missing. In general these are attached to a part of aquatic plants, typically the stem. Young reptiles look like miniature adults; they mature into animals with scaly skins and usually with developed body organs such as the lungs. Most reptiles can naturally swim but do not enter water as readily as amphibians do. This is the major reason due to which reptiles are found at various locations, unlike amphibians which would mostly be found close to water. They have varying body types and spend most of their time on land.

    In case of an amphibian the young ones are tadpoles that are aquatic larvae who breathe using natural gills. Young amphibians cannot survive out of water for too long and grow up to become bigger with bigger and wider limbs. Ultimately they lose their tails and develop their lungs and spend the best part of their lives around water. They have moist and smooth skin which lacks reptile like scales.

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