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Can you check my paraphrase of the poem "Daffodils" by W. Wordsworth, please? Thank you very much.

1)This poem recounts (deals with, talks about?) the experience of a walk Wordsworth went for with his sister Dorothy near their home in the Lake District.
2)The poem is divided into four stanzas which correspond to the various moods of the poet.
3)The first stanza describes the setting as well as the amazement of the poet at (?) the sight of the daffodils.
4)The second stanza is devoted to the description of the daffodils which fills the poet’s heart with joy. The third one describes the relationship between the poet and the flowers in the moment of the vision.
5)Finally, the last stanza focuses on the poet’s emotions recollected in tranquillity through the help of memory.
6)The poet was wondering alone and aimlessly (?) in the countryside. This suggests that he was not fully related to the world around him.
7) This sense of detachment from the outside is emphasized by the simile of the cloud which floats on high (“I wondered as lonely as a cloud that floats on high over vales and hills”). 8) All at once he was suddenly moved (struck, amazed) by the sight of a crowd of daffodils.
9) They are set in a natural environment made of water, air and land.
10) As a matter of fact, daffodils grow best in the shade and where there is water. It is not by chance that they are set beside the lake, beneath the trees.

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    4. daffodils (plural) which fill

    6. wandering vs. wondering(also in #7)


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