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Liberal arts math

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1) A lottery draws six numbers from 42 possibilities, without regard to order. What is the total number of possible results of the drawing.

In the lottery from the before, what is the probability that you pick the winnin number?

In the Lottery from number 1, you pay the state of cailfornia 1 dollar for a ticket. If you pick the winning number, your state pays 10,000,000. What is the expected value of buying one ticket for you?what is expected value of you of you buying one ticket for the state?

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    total number of choices for 6 from 42
    = C(42,6) = 5245786

    so the prob of winning = 1/5245786

    expected winnning = (1/5245786)(10000000) = 1.9

    (This lottery is going bankrupt !)

  • Liberal arts math -

    what is the expected value for buying a ticket?

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