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are 5th grade students allowed to ask questions??????

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    Of course. What's your question?

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    it is not a question about homework, i just need to know if 5th graders can ask questions.

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    I am a 5th grader

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    You can ask questions..I'm not sure what you're talking about though.

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    If you're asking about Jiskha, yes, anyone can ask questions. We've even had some parents ask about their first and second graders' questions.

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    Here is a search on "why is it important to ask questions" and you might enjoy some of the information supplied:

    There are, however, certain times when you should not ask a question: if it would interrupt a speech, lecture (unless the speaker invited questions during the speech /lecture), during an exam (at least not ABOUT the exam itself),etc.


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    yes,because 5 grade get kind of hard for sum kids like me

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  • how many week are there in 1 year -


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