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I have an essay that I have to write for this class and the topics is: The richer states (countries) have the responsibility to provide for the world's poorer states. And I am on the pro side of this. (Just because I thought it'd be easier to write more about the pros than the cons.)

So far I haven't done anything, but I wanted to start brainstorming for ideas.

Can someone please help me with this. Like what would be material i could cover from the 'pro' side of this issue.
Thank you so much !

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    Start first with your own ideas. Since you thought the pro side was easier, you must have some reasons for this decision.

    If you post your ideas, we'll be glad to help you develop them, and perhaps add more.

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    Umm..I think richer countries should take care of poorer countries because they have the resources and the ability to do so and they should use it to help developing countries. Also, when richer countries help the poorer countries, whether physically or financially, it will create more peace between the countries and there will be a lesser chance of conflicts occurring within those countries...
    that's all I can think of for now..

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    Those are all excellent ideas.

    Isn't there also a moral imperative to help those less fortunate? I knew that this is an important part of Christianity and Islam, but I just refreshed my memory about helping the poor is also a strong component of Judaism.

    Another thought -- if we help developing nations develop their own economies, they will eventually become customers for our products.

    A supporting argument you could use is the example of the Marshall Plan after WWII. It strengthened Europe and helped prevent further wars there.

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    wow, thank you so much ms.sue.
    This essay is a major part of my grade so I want to write it in an organized way, so it moves from point to point in the paragraphs.

    How do you think I should start it out?
    Or do you think I still need to brainstorm some more...maybe look more into the Marshall Plan?

    Please continue helping me on thiss !
    thanks again

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    I think you're at a point where you can make an outline. You can have three or four main points. Each point should have three or more supporting arguments. As you outline, you'll probably find that you need more information about some of these arguments. Then research them, including the Marshall Plan.

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    Ok, I really appreciate all your help.
    I'll try to see how far I can get with this, keeping in mind what you said to do.
    And I guess I'll re-post tomorrow : )
    Thank you !

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    You're welcome. I'm looking forward to your post tomorrow. :-)

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