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golf is just as popular as it is on earth. A golfer tees off and drives the ball 4.5 times as far as he would have on earth, given the same velocities on both planets. The ball is launched at a speed of 54 m/s at an angle of 60¡ã above the horizontal. When the ball lands, it is at the same level as the tee.
(a) On the distant planet, what is the maximum height of the ball

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    The height the ball rises at a particular launch angle is proportional to Vo^2/g. So is the distance that it travels. The ball will therefore rise 4.5 times higher than it would on Earth.

    The height is rises on Earth is
    H = (Vo sin60)^2/(2 g)
    = 111.6 m

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    thanks :)

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