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Would you please tell me if these are right?

A sample of helium has a volume of 325 ml and a pressure of 655 mm hg. What will be the pressure if the helium is compressed to 125 ml (t and n are constant)
I got 1703 mm of Hg

A 75.0 ml sample of oxygen has a pressure of 1.50 atm. what will be the new volume if the pressure becomes 4.50 atm? (t and n constant)
I got 25 mL.

In a weather report, the atmospheric pressure is given as 29.4 inches of Hg. what is the corresponding pressure in mm Hg?
I got 735 mm

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    Both are correct.

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    your right except for the 2nd to be more accurate you shoul multiply by 25.4 then round off it comes out to 746.76 which rounds off to 747mm Hg not 735 which is too short.

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