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A 0.130 kg baseball, traveling 35.0 m/s, strikes the catcher's mitt, which recoils 11.0 cm in bringing the ball to rest. What was the average force (in newtons) applied by the ball to the mitt?

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    Work done against mitt equals initial kinetic energy

    F*X = (1/2) M V^2

    X is the recoil distance in meters.

    Solve for the force F, in Newtons

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    I got the same answer, but are sure this is the equation? I tried to use it with a similar problem, .140 kg baseball, traveling 35 m/s which recoils the mitt 17 cm and I keep getting the wrong answer

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    Okay sorry I figured it out, I was dividing by the X value in cm not m, in which case would cause the answer for the above to be 723.86 N not 7.24.

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