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Choose a contemporary painting, sculpture, or piece of found art that captures your interest. Consider what it is that captures your attention and explain why viewing this piece is a valuable experience. Questions to consider are: 1) What best describes this art? Is it abstract? Cubist? Postmodern? Surreal, etc.? Explain. 2) Is realistic art more valuable than abstract art? 3) What makes something a “good” piece of art? 4) How can art enrich our lives?

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    Trying to find a good painting or sculpture of art that is valuable what best describes the art is it realistic and more valuable than abstract art

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    Note that the assignment tells you to choose a painting that captures your interest.

    Most of the rest of the questions ask for your opinions.

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    Thank you

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    Choose Camilla D'Errico she is a good contemorary artist

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