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c. Use the enthalpy diagram provided above and apply Hess’s Law to determine the standard enthalpy of formation for C12O36H20N12 (s) using the results from part (a) and the following values:
The standard enthalpy of formation of gaseous carbon dioxide is -393.5 kJ/mol
The standard enthalpy of formation of liquid water is -286 kJ/mol
(Strictly speaking, standard enthalpy is defined for a reaction that occurs at 25 °C, but for the purpose of this question you may ignore the difference in temperature.)

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    Basically, this is as follows:
    delta Hrxn = (delta H products) - (delta H reactants)

    Where delta H products and delta H reactants follow this set up.
    #moles*delta H product 1 + # moles*delta H product 2.....

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