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Math Approximation fractions

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I really don't understand how to determine which number is greater and which one is smaller can anyone help auorlda ?

  • Math Approximation fractions -

    Please post an example of this question. We can help you better if we have actual numbers to work with.

  • Math Approximation fractions -

    here is a neat trick

    suppose you want to see which is larger

    6/11 or 13/27

    write them side by side

    6/11 13/17

    cross multiply , topleft to bottom right first, the the other way, write them side by side
    102 143

    place the correct > or < symbol between them
    102 < 143
    so 6/11 < 13/17

    Of course since you probably have a calculator handy anyway, why not just change the fraction to a decimal, then decide, How easy is that?

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