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Calculus 2

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I am having so many problems with these volume problems,
1. Find the volume of a the solid obtained by rotating the region enclosed by: x = 2y and y^3 = x with y>0 about the x axis

2.Find the volume of cone of height h = 250 and a circular base with radius r = 150 First find the linear equation r = Ah + B relating r, the radius of a cross-section of the cone, to h, the height of the cross-section: r = _h + _
Now compute the volume of revolution with respect to this equation to get the volume of the cone:

3.You are an Egyptian pharoah. You decide to honor yourself with a pyramid of height h = 3250 and a square base with side s = 1910
To impress your Egyptian subjects, find the volume of the pyramid.

First write down the integrand
Now give the volume

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