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34. Designed as an attempt to secure the loyalty of the French to their new rulers, this act broke new ground in toleration and statesmanship. Unfortunately for the British, the Americans saw only sinister designs. This act was the

a. Treaty of Paris, 1783
b. Tea Act
c. Statue of Westminister
d. Declaratory Act
e. Quebec Act

I believe it is E.

38. Which of the following was a widely held belief among the Founding Fathers of the US?

a. Direct democracy is superior to republican government
b. Widespread ownership of property is a strength of republican government.
c. Political parties are an inevitable outgrowth of republican government
d. Universal manhood suffrage is essential to a free government.
e. The separation of legislative, executive, and judicial functions leads to governmental chaos.

I believe the answer is D.

39. The ratification of the United States Constitution was opposed by the

a. people in the frontier farming districts
b. clergy and the people in areas where religious interests were strong
c. large plantation owners in the South
d. financial interests and business men of the North
e. merchants and commercial classes

I think the answer is E.

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