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College Chemisty

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The pH of water collected in a stormwater run-off downstream from a Union Carbide chemical factory is 4.82. Calculate the H+ ion concentration of rainwater.

The problem may start with:
pH= -log H+ = 4.82. The answer is 1.5x10 power -5. Again, Can you please show steps for maths.

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    pH =-log(H^+)
    4.82 = -log(H^+)
    log(H^+) = -4.82
    Take the antilog of both sides.
    The antilog of log (H^+) is, or course, just (H^+). To find the antilog of -4.82, punch that number into your calculator and hit the 10x button. It should return 1.51 x 10-5

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