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A carpenter used 3 3/16 pounds of nails for a job. After the job was over, the remaining ails weighed 1 1/16 pounds. How many pounds of nails di the carpenter have at the beginning of the job? PLEASE HELP!

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    3 3/16 + 1 1/16 = ?

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    could I write that as x - 3 3/16 = 1 1/16 and x = 4 1/4?

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    I don't see why. You can't have two different values for x in this problem.

    This is a simple addition problem.

    The carpenter uses 3 3/16 pounds of nails.

    He has 1 1/16 pounds left.

    To find how many pounds he had at the beginning, add the two.

    A similar problem would be if you spent $20 and had $5 left. How much money did you start with? Obviously you started with $25.

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