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In chemistry we are writing a paper about an inventor.. We have to have some back ground info.. what they invited. how there time affected there inventions and if there inventions where a great success and so on so forth. What would be a good way to set this paper up. Its a five paragraph essay.. I know how to set up other papers but this one is like biography or informative essay.. is that right? so what would be a good set up? thanks :D i don't know if this helps but i am writing about George Washington Carver

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    I'd outline the paper this way.

    I. Introduction, including thesis statement (Leave this paragraph to last.)
    II. Background of Carver and his time, especially as it pertains to his inventions
    III. Description of the inventions
    IV. Assessment of the success of the inventions
    V. Conclusion

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    Thanks :D

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    You're welcome.

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