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Please check this paragraph.please.

Wrongdoing and wickedness are as old as first man born in the world. These problems are so great that man cannot cope with it himself. Man can not escape way from wrongful act and the bad conscience without the help of Almighty God. When we work with a bad consciences, it not only harm us, but it also hurt the One (God) who loves us the most. Devotion to God and Praying is the only one sources which can turn us back to the God, “Pray, make me never turn back to myself again” (1910).

By Salvation ,we can get God’s kindess,love. Mercy, and guidness; these are the thing which we cant buy or earn it ourselves in any way. By doing so, a strong and pure relationship wil be established between man and God and “raises up to God and holds death sweet” (1909).

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    Sentence one - you might want to add "the" = the first man

    Sentence 2 = These problems (that is plural) can not use IT but cannot cope with them.

    Sentence 3 = "Man can not escape way" = I don't understand what you are trying to say there. Man can not find a way to escape from.....?

    from a wrongful act or a bad conscience... (suggestion only)

    Sentence 4 = When we work with a bad conscience (MUST be singular, not plural).....it also hurts (needs an "s")

    Sentence 5 = Devotion to God and Praying = that is a plural subject so you can not say IS. You must say ARE...the only sources (one is singular & sources is plural = missmatch).....back to the God (one of many?) or "back to God." (only one God)

    When I see the date (1910) that tells me that the last sentence there is a quote.

    Paragraph 2:
    Sentence 1 = no period after "love" but a comma. Let me write it all out as I think you mean it?

    By Salvation, we can get God's kindness, love, mercy and godness(?); these are the things (plural) which we can't (apostrophe) buy or earn ourselves ((must delete "it") in any way. By doing so, a strong and pure relationship will (spelling) be established between man and God and this (must add somethin g here to make sense of the quote) "raises u to God and holds death sweet."

    As for the final punctuation, I do not know if you are using European punctuation or American. That determines where the final period goes. Yours is correct for European.


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