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how do you establish the identity of cos(3pi/2+0)=sin0

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    To me this appears to be a silly question, if your 0 is indeed a zero.
    Why even write it as (3π/2 + 0)
    it would simply be cos 3π/2

    and you should know that cos 3π/2 = 0 which is also the value of the right side.

    End of problem.

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    is the "0" in the problem, the angle theta? if it is,
    cos(3pi/2+[theta]) = sin [theta]
    *expand cos(3pi/2+[theta]),
    cos(3pi/2)cos(theta) - sin(3pi/2)sin(theta) = sin [theta]
    *cos(3pi/2) = 0 and sin(3pi/2) = -1, thus:
    -(-sin [theta]) = sin [theta]
    sin [theta] = sin [theta]

    so there,, :)

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