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things do not go quite as planned. you invested $8000, part of it in stock that paid 12% annual interest. however, the rest of the money suffered a 55 loss. if the total annual income from both investments was $620, how much was invested at each rate?

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    Since the total profit was 620 which included the loss of 55, there must have been a profit of 675 from the first investment.

    Assuming we are looking only at the one year, the question now becomes a simple interest problem where
    P ?
    I = 675
    R = .12
    T = 1
    P = I/(RT)
    = 675/.12 = 5625

    so he invested $5625 at 12% ( the winner) and
    $2375 in the losing investment.

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    what is 9000at 3%simple interest for 2and 1/2

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