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Any ideas on a public service activity for a project that can be done by interviews
phone conversations

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    How about recycling or whether the person will vote in the upcoming elections? If they don't plan to vote or they don't recycle, why not?

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    Public service by telephone? That is far different than actually doing something helpful to members of the public.

    Why not actually do something?
    Visit nursing homes.
    Collect usable toys, and childrens clothes for your local battered women's center.
    Why not volunteer at the local food bank?
    Why not sponsor a health fair at a community site for flu shots?
    Why not volunteer to clean sick folks homes? Any local church can give you folks to help.
    Why not set aside one evening a week to read for the blind? They do get mail, magazines, that has to be read. You local blind organization can give you names of folks in your neighborhood.

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    great i have an idea now

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    i have a question could i do a project on to encourage more people to vote

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    That would be a tough project. If you have some ideas about how you'd do it -- go for it!

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