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front end estimation to estimate the sum...like..436+517= ~~~~~~also we have some problems that say use rounding to estimate the sum...like..236+710=....DO WE DO BOTH OF THESE THE SAME WAY??? solve then estimate??? my child has been out from school for a few days sick and missed this. Thanks!

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    front end estimation: 436+517=400+500=900
    rounding: 236+710= 200+700=900
    front end estimation:
    * Add the digits of the two highest place values
    * Insert zeros for the other place values

    * Example 1: 4496 + 3745 is estimated to be 8100 by front end estimation (i.e. 4400 + 3700).
    * Example 2: 4496 + 745 is estimated to be 5100 by front end estimation (i.e. 4400 + 700).

    * Rounding makes numbers that are easier to work with in your head.
    * Rounded numbers are only approximate.
    * An exact answer generally can not be obtained using rounded numbers.
    * Use rounding to get a answer that is close but that does not have to be exact.

    How to round numbers
    * Make the numbers that end in 1 through 4 into the next lower number that ends in 0. For example 74 rounded to the nearest ten would be 70.
    * Numbers that end in a digit of 5 or more should be rounded up to the next even ten. The number 88 rounded to the nearest ten would be 90.

  • 3rd grade math -

    attn(happy face)thank you!!

  • 3rd grade math -

    ashton broke apart a number into 30+7. what number did she start with?

  • 3rd grade math -

    use any methond to eastimate each difference

  • 3rd grade math -

    use any method estimate 667-651

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