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I am writing a journal in the subjonctif which is fine. except i have NO idea how to write it in the passe compose.

For example, i wanted to write It is clear that she had the attention of the class..but i cannot figure out how to write in the the past (only present : il est clair que ella aie l'attention...)
Can somebody please give me an example of the subjonctif in the past!?

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    This one is easy because the auxiliary or helping verb is AVOIR and you already have that in the subjonctif except that you have the "je" form and not the "elle." All you have to do is add the past participle of the verb to have, and that is also AVOIR.

    Il est clair...does NOT take the subjonctif because there is no doubt, emotion, BUT you might consider that judgment and then it would be followed by...qu'elle ait eu l'attention de la classe.

    To clarify, if the auxiliary verb is AVOIR, you would have
    j'aie nous ayons
    tu aies vous ayez
    elle/il/on ait ils/elles aient
    PLUS the past participle of the verb.

    If the auziliary verb is ETRE, you would have the subjonctof of ETRE:
    je sois nous soyons
    tu sois vous soyez
    il/elle/on soit ils/elles soient
    PLUS the past participle of the verb.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    thank you sooo much! :)

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