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I forgot to include the following sentences on "The Legend of King Arthur". I really hope you can have a look at them too.

1) Within minutes is good friend appeared. Merlin assured him that he would take care of Arthur and hide him so that he wouldn't be killed.
2) At Uther's death Merlin felt that Arthur needed to be with another family.
3) He decided to put him up for adoption. Arthur's new father had a boy named Kay who liked being in tournaments.
4)One day Arthur left with his family for London to participate in a tournament.On their way to London, they strolled by a chuchyard and Arthur noticed a sword stuck in a stone whose handle was covered with jewels and whose blade was very shiny.
5) There was a writing on the stone stating that whoever pulled the sword from that stone would be the rightful king.
6) The next day Arthur returned to the churchyard to see the stone again. Merlin was reading aloud to the audience the inscription on the stone. Strong knights gathered at the front of the line to take their turn.
7) When it was Arthur's turn, everyone laughed because they thought it was a stupid idea having a boy trying (?)to pull out the sword.
8) Despite the laughter, Arthur pulled the sword from the stone and they all agreed Arthur was the real king. Merlin stepped up and crowned Arthur the rightful king.
9)Everyone loved him and he promised to make England a better country. He set up his reign in Camelot and met his knights at the round table to make decisions and administer justice.

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    1. is = his

    Under the other name, I might have missed that?

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    What is the theme, children?

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