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US History

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45. The British government decided to tax the American colonies
a. to pay off war debts
b. to teach the colonists a lesson
c. to increase the standard of living in Britain
d. to finance westward expansion

46. Union victories at Vicksburg and Port Hudson
a. offset the loss at Gettysburg
b. cut the Confederacy in two
c. ensured that Richmond would fall
d. left the North at its lowest point

47. Why did the institution of slavery develop in Africa?
a. Africa had too many people
b. Slaves were valued as goods to be sold and traded
c. European traders introduced slavery to West Africa
d. Africa had an excess of land and a shortage of labor

48. Under the Articles of Confederation, the national government was
a. strong and unified
b. headed by a king
c. a loose alliance of states
d. divided into three branches
A? ...or D

49. Southern states adopted the northern system of
a. cash-crop agriculture
b. government-funded, urban social reform
c. mandatory, tax-supported education
d. problem-solving political commissions

50. What was a negative impact of "bonanza" farms?
a. Output declined
b. Farms got smaller
c. Farms became disorganized
d. Oversupply led to lower prices


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    I agree with all of your answers except 48.

    Under the Articles of Confederation the states were somewhat allied while preserving the unique qualities of each state.

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    45. all
    46. all
    47. C
    48 C
    49. A

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