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College Chemistry

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The Question Is:

"A student weighs 0.347 g of KHP on a laboratory balance. The KHP was titrated with NaOH and the concentration of the NaOH determined to be 0.110 M. For the second titration, the student correctly diluted 6 M HCl from the reagent shelf using a graduated cylinder to obtain approximately 0.6 M HCl. This solution was titrated with the original NaOH solution. The student calculated the concentration of NaOH from the experiment to be 0.099 M. In which experiment should the student be more confident of the concentration of the NaOH solution? Why?"

I believe the second titration would be more accurate due to it being titrated with the original amount of NaOH and so im assuming that its concentration would yield a better result. Would that be the case, is there anything im neglecting?

  • College Chemistry -

    Anyone know if my answer is correct?

  • College Chemistry -

    Can anyone give me an update on this?

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