To Ms. Sue

posted by Sara

Ms. Sue, I had a question yesterday about stress, and I still require help on it. I'll give you the question as it is written to me.

When you took the Multiple Intelligences quiz, what type of intelligence was rated the
highest? How do you think this affects how you deal with stress?

I took the Multiple Intelligences quiz and the type of intelligence which was rated the highest was Visual/Spatial. I took this quiz at job bank . ca

You make sense out of the world through language and can use words effectively either speaking or in writing. Writers and editors have this intelligence.

This is what it means. Could you please explain to me in simpler terms that what the question is asking, thanks a lot:-)

  1. Ms. Sue

    With verbal/linguisitic intelligence, you should be a good reader and writer. You have a wide vocabulary.

  2. Sara

    oh, thanks very much Ms. Sue

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