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At Irv's Cycle Rental Shop, Irv renst all knids of cycles: unicyles, tandem bikes, regualr bikes, and even tricycles for little kids. He parks all the cycles in front of the shop with a helmet for each rider strapped to the cycles. This morninf Irv counted 57 helments and 115 wheels parked in front of his store. He knows he has an equal number of unicycles and tandem bikes. He also knows that he has 32 regular bikes. How many unicycle, tandem bikes, and tricycles does Irv have?

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    THIS EASY Katherine
    Uni:tandem, reg : tri
    27 27 32 29
    total bickes are 115-32(regualr bikes)= 83
    83/3=27 R 2 (27+2 for tri)

    he knows that an equal numbr of nui and tand. so 27+27=54

    CHECK= 27+27+32+29=115

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