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I have to write a thoughtful composition on the following:

Gothic novels emphasize horror, mystery, and the supernatural. Write an analysis of the gothic features of the nvel Frankenstein that are evident in Chapters 1 through 8. How does she Shelley establish an atmosphere of mystery? How does the action create a feeling of terror? What supernatural elements does she include? Consider setting, plot, and character in your analysis, and be sure to provide at least 3 examples with textual evidence.

I'm not asking for a written essay- I don't plagiarize-, I just need help with the actual analysis:

I'm pretty sure that Shelley conveys mystery through diction, but I don't know how to show that.
Also, i can't find any supernatural elements; does her mentioning of heaven count as "supernatural"
And how does setting, plot, and character help?
I'm so lost, please help?

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