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Could you please check my answers and help with the ones I can't figure out-
1. Solution to the radical function sqrt(12x+1) = 1 is x = 0
True or False I think it is true according to my calculations

2.Solve x = sqrt(8x)
8x = x^2
x^2 - 8x = 0
x(x-8) = 0
x = 0
x-8 =0
the only solution is x = 0, correct or no?
3. Simply (3x^2y^-2)^-2/9x^-5y
b. xy^3/3
d. xy^3/81

I think it is xy^3/81 but I'm not sure of my calculations
4. Solve 4sqrt(6x-2)>4
a. 1/3<=x<43
b. 1/3<x<43
I think x>43
Thank you

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