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what issues does the scene raise?
act.3.sc.4. lines 1-150 in the book twelfth night by shakespeare

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    Find the play, act, and scene you need and read it in two versions, original and modern-day English.

    What do you think?

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    well i said the scene makes malvolio look bad infront of olivia and gives iniciative for sir.toby to act against malvolio making people believe that he is crazy and plans to put him in a dark room. but my teacher said i was summarizing and not explaining.. so what should i write?

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    Your teacher is right. Simply retelling what happens in those 150 lines is not stating an issue. If you're not clear on the meaning of "issue," be sure to look it up: http://www.answers.com

    The issue I see is whether Malvolio is crazy or just pretending to be crazy.

    What do you see?

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