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Could someone please help me complete my lab experiment.

Antacid Brand: Life
Concentration of HCl: 0.1845 M
Concentration of NaOH: 0.1482 M

Trial 1:
1.Mass of Table: 1.2173g
2.Volume of HCl added: 75.0 mL
3.Milliomoles of HCl added:mmoles ? Help
4.Volume of NaOH used: 17.14 mL
5.Millimoles of NaOH used in titration:mmoles ? Help.
6.Millimoles of HCl that did not react with the antacid:mmoles ? Help.
7.mmoles of HCl neutralized by tablet:? Help.
8.mmoles of H+ neutralized per gram of antacid:mmoles/g ? Help.

Please help me with the questions I am having trouble with.


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    Well, moles = M x L
    and millimiles = M x mL.

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    Could you look over my answers then, I am having trouble.
    3. 13.8 mmoles
    5. 11.1 mmoles

    but for 6-8 I am still confused. How do I approach the problem?

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