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I still have a few doubts about these sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them.

I like wearing casual clothes and also sports clothes. (corrections: and sports clothes too/ as well as sports clothes)
2) I'm holding/carrying a hiking pole (stick?) im my right hand.
3)I've never been in/to (but not at?) the new supermarket yet.
4)I've never flown in (not "on")a helicopter. I don't like wearing too coloured (bright) clothes because I don' want people to watch me.
5) How long go did you arrive? How long is it since you arrived?
6) I think these clothes are the most popular among teenagers. (and not: "for teenagers").
7) I'm wearing black-and-white trainers (also two-color trainers).
8) I've never been to Mexico so far, up to now (but not: "till now")
9) Have you beem there yet? No, I haven't been there yet.
(or: No, not yet. What about: No, I haven't been yet?)

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