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I forgot to include a few other sentences on the paraphrase Wordsworth's "The Solitary Reaper".Thank you very much for helping me.

1)The poet gives universal significance to the girl’s song by introducing a remote, ancient dimension in time and space.
2)The poet doesn’t know the song she is singing.
3) As a matter of facts, the poet couldn’t understand the words of the song as the girl was presumably singing in Gaelic, the native language of the Scottish Highlands.
4) He speculates that her song might be about heroic events of the past, about everyday life or a painful experience.
5) They have sorrow and unhappiness in common. Whatever she sings (or sang?) about, he says, he listened “motionless and still,” and as he travelled up the hill, he carried her song with him in his heart long after he could no longer hear it.
6)The last stanza is in the past tense which means that the poem is a memory, an experience recollected in tranquillity.
7) I'm carrying a rucksack on/over my shoulder/shoulders/back?
8)I like wearing two types of clothes. If I'm going out with my friends, I like wearing jeans but my favourite clothes are sports clothes (and not sportswear?) because they are more comfortable.
9) How often (also: how many times?) have you been to Mexico?

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    3. As a matter of fact (singular)...

    Everything else is good, either as you have it or what you have in parentheses.


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