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I forgot to include the following statements. I really hope you can have a look at them too.

1) They regretted missing OR having missed the bus.
2) They escaped with a ship or by a ship.
3) I have my groceries delivered by the supermarket.
4) Petra lives in South Africa on a farm. Her school is called Robertson and it’s in the south of her country, near Cape Town.
5)She gets a lift to school with her dad on his motorbike. Sometimes her dad is busy so she walks to school and she always walks home.
6) She goes to school every day and on Sunday too. She likes her school and she believes that it’s better than the work on the farm.
7) Her school is about ten kilometers far away from her house. On her dad’s motorbike it takes about ten minutes but on foot it takes her two hours.

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    1) Both are correct -- but the first is better.
    2) They escaped by ship
    3 - 6 -- Excellent
    7. Omit "far."

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