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For my essay I have to pick a county in Georgia and collect information about it's demographics and stuff. Then I have to do the same about my university (georgia state university). and then analyze and compare the data for the two.

This is what I have so far for Doraville:
Total Population: 17928
Male: 53.29%
Female: 46.72%
18 years and over: 76.4%
Married persons: 33.2%
Never married: 28%

White: 49.4%
Hispanic or Latino: 43.4%
Black or African American: 15.4%

Crime Risk: 74 out of 100

I'm trying to find out some political issues that are of primary concern in Doraville, but I can't find it on the internet. Can I please get some help with this?

  • Informative/Analytic Essay Assignment -

    I would imagine that the economy would be a concern there as it is everywhere.
    The up-coming elections might be of concern. Look in your town newspaper for , especially the editorial section, to see what the local people are concerned about particularly.

  • Informative/Analytic Essay Assignment -

    You have to choose a county and yet you chose Doraville? Isn't the county called DeKalb? Won't that affect whatever facts you come up with?

  • Informative/Analytic Essay Assignment -

    Yes, the county's dekalb. But on my instructions it says choose a county ex.Decatur, Buckhead, Alpharetta, Peachtree City.

    (these, are all cities, not counties)

    So, I didn't if I should go ahead and pick a county anyways or chose a city, like the example shows.

  • Informative/Analytic Essay Assignment -

    y912f i think we go to the same school :) i have the exact same questions on my tests

    send me an email, we could prolly help eachother out. seanned2009 at gmail

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