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A car mass of 1330 kg is traveling at 28.0 m/s. The driver applies the brakes to bring the car to a rest over a distance of 79.0 m. Calculate the retarding force.

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    Vo = sqrt(2 a X)
    Solve that for the acceleration, a.
    X = the stopping distance, 79 m

    a = Vo^2/(2X)= 4.96 m/s^2

    Themn use F = M a

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    Two men pull a 31-kg box with forces 9.7 N and 7.6 N. Find the resultant scceleration of the box.

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    Please post new questions separately, using "Post a New Question"

    Your question cannot be answered unless the directions of the two pulling forces are specified

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    does "sqrt" mean square root?

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