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Find the range, standard deviation, and variance for the following sample data:
98, 2, 53, 61, 15, 87, 63, 63, 91, 29, 96, 79, 93, 40, 5, 62

*please show calculations step by step so that i can compare my work. thank you very much. i know that i am off
mary Hornbeck

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    I can't help you with statistics; however, let me give you something to think about. How many students can we help if we type all of the steps for one student. How many students can we help if YOU do the typing and we find the error. It's a lot more efficient for YOU to do the typing and us to the comparing than the other way around.

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    Range = highest value - lowest

    For variance and standard deviation:

    Find the mean first = sum of scores/number of scores

    Subtract each of the scores from the mean and square each difference. Find the sum of these squares. Divide that by the number of scores to get variance.

    Standard deviation = square root of variance

    I'll let you do the calculations.

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