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Gene and Finny are drawn to each other and share some character traits, but they are also very different. First, list the characteristics that are unique to Gene or Finny. Then list the traits they share.

So far I have:
Gene- Envious, Smart, Insecure
Finny- Athletic, Vibrant, Spontaneous, Charming, Loyal, Inspiring, Rebellious, Persuasive

I can't really find traits that they both share. All I have is - Both value their friendship. Can I get some more help on this?


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    Have you checked Sparknotes?


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    Yep; I've read this over twice and that's where I got their separate traits from; but not similar traits.


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    I haven't read this book in a long time. But the only other traits I picked up from Sparknotes is that they are both loyal and ignorant of Gene's motivations.

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