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kindly make 7 sentences with the verb ".HABITER". THANKS.....IAM A 4TH GRADE STUDENT.

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    Take each form of habiter, and probably you have only learned the present tense, and just add to it. You could make some affirmative and others negative. Please note we do not DO the work for you, but HELP. I'll help by conjugating the verb for you and all you have to do is add vocabulary words you have learned.

    tu habite
    il habite
    elle habite
    on habite

    nous habitons
    vous habitez
    ils habitent
    elles habitent

    Here's a negative verb as a pattern for you: je n'habite pas...

    Here's an interrogative:

    Sra (aka Mme)

    Feel free to try your 7 sentences and repost. I'll be happy to proofread them for you.

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    vous habitez paris? Tu es sierra_leonais? Vous parlez haoussa? Tu as onze ans?

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