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algebra 2

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suppose you are enclosing a rectangular area to create a rabbit cage. you have 80 ft of fence and want to build a pen with the largest possible area for your rabbit, so you build the cage using an existing building as one side.

make a table showing the areas for some selected values of x, and write a function that gives the area, y, as a function of the width, x

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    Let x be the width of the side parallel to the building. The other two sides then have length (80-x)/2

    The area is y = x(40 - x/2)
    y = 40x - (x^2/2)

    You get maximum area when dy/dx = 0
    40 -x = 0
    x = 40

    x y
    20 600
    30 750
    39 799.5
    40 800
    41 799.5
    50 750
    60 600

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