8th grade

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this is a algebra pizzazz question what happened to the glass blower who inhaled?

  • 8th grade -

    You'll find the answer when you correctly solve the problems.

  • 8th grade -

    wondering the same thing....

  • 8th grade -

    he got a pane in his stomach

  • 8th grade -


  • Crap -

    Eat my gushy poo.

  • 8th grade -

    your mom

  • 8th grade -

    you should do the work you bum rather then go and go find the answers

  • 8th grade -

    That's funny how everyone is so lazy and we find these cheat websites

  • 8th grade -


  • 9th grade -


  • 8th grade -

    He Got A Pain In His Stomach

  • 7th grade -

    Don't Cheat. You will find out when you answer all the questions!

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