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A survey finds that 38% of kids like tv, 24% like radio, and 13% like both.

A.Find percent of kids that like tv but not radio.
B.Find the percent of kids that like neither tv or radio.
C.Find the percent of kids like either tv or radio
D.Find the conditional probability that a kid likes radio given that heshe likes tv.

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    I did this really quickly by drawing a Venn diagram.

    Two circles overlapping.
    left circel 38 right circle 24, overlap 13. So on the left circle, not in the overlap has to be 25, and on the right , not in the overlap is 11

    That will answer all your questions.

  • Probability -

    Are theses correct:

    A 25 percent
    B 12 percent
    C 26 percent

    And, I have no idea how to get D

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