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Create a flowchart for a program that will sort the top 1,000 customers by their annual purchase amount and print the names and addresses of the top 100 customers, or fewer if there aren’t 100 customers.

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    Here's a possible pseudocode:

    1. Input customer data (from disk or otherwise) to an array of objects or structures, each containing:
    - name
    - address
    - purchase
    The size of the array is n, and the array name is Clients.

    2. Sort the array in decreasing order of purchase amount. Details can be expanded once the data structure and sort algorithm are determined.

    3. Print/output the names, addresses, and purchase amounts from each client. The upper limit 100 will be replaced by n if n<100.

    Build on the above and suggest a more detailed pseudocode. We'll be happy to critique your work.

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