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College Physics!

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Is there any way i can just get these problems set up? I just need help with the steps on how to do it.

A box weighing 600 N is pushed along a horizontal floor at a constant velocity with a force of 250 N parallel to the floor. What is the coefficient of Kinetic friction between the box and the floor?

A block of wood is pulled by a horizontal string across a horizontal surface at a constant velotcity with a force of 20 N. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the surfaces?

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    (1) 600 N is also the friction force, since it balance the pushing force for zero accleration.

    The coefficient of friction is the ratio of friction force to weight.

    (2) This is the same kind of problem as the previous one. They need to tell you the mass or weight of the wood in order to get a numerical answer.

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    No force because the acceleration is zero so and force is equal to zero

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