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When a heart brakes, some time it makes the people a negative person, who thinks every one is a reason of his or her failure life he afraid of being decline again in his life. He tries to protect himself and make a wall around himself where no one can reach to his heart and his bitterness could not overcome to any thing.

Is this paragraph's english is good?
what i need to change.

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    When a person's heart breaks, sometimes he becomes a negative person who thinks only of the reasons why he thinks he's a failure in life. He becomes afraid of even more failure in his life. He tries to protect himself and build a wall around himself so no one can reach his heart, and his bitterness cannot be overcome.

    There were so many errors in there, but overall I think I could figure out what you meant to say/write. Make sure you compare your paragraph with mine so you note the changes I made. Also make sure you don't simply copy and paste my paragraph and turn it in. Your teacher won't believe it!

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    Thank yo so much :0

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    You're welcome. Keep on studying and you'll do well!

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