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oppressively hot afternoon at Amy's grandma's farm; when my eyes caught a short girl that was close to the ground with curly, frizzy hair. Heedlessly, she moved into Amy's direction and she was dazzled with amazement when she lifted her small hand up, holding an alcoholic bevearge.

She sipped it quickly and gradually stepped forward to Amy, offering her a sip of the alcoholic bevearge. However, this has forced Amy to use her common sense and remembered how her parents gave her a sensible lesson on good behavior; such as not whining, not doing drugs and abstaining from alcoholism. Without, any hesitation Amy, declined her proposal.

Behave well and you will be righteous. At such young age, everyone is taught to behave well and avoid being bad.

Behaving well, will discipline the individuals to make good choices that will help them in their lives. It will also hinder the individuals from doing unnecessary behavior.

The moral of the story is that there are some people that will try to mislead others with their actions.

Nevertheless, it is the individual's own responsibility to speak out for themselves and stay true to their values and morals that their parents instilled in them from early age.

In Amy's sistuation it was rational and it was not difficult for Amy to say "No." Since she was not friends with the girl. Also, Amy used her common sense, where others tend to lack using their common sense.

Had it been different situation where, Amy is offered an alcoholic bevearge by her friend;Amy would've had different answer and perhaps take it from her friend. Because Amy would not want to lose friendshp over not taking a sip of alcohol.

Nothingthelss, individuals should think about what kind of friends they are hanging out with and in what ways are they influencing them. Otherwise, They will put themselves into situations like "The Mouse, The Frog, and The Hawk."

The frog becomes friends with the Mouse, not knowing how one day he will regret becoming friends with him. The Mouse tricks the frog to find a food and leads him into destruction.

Later the Forg ties his own foot to the Mouse and angrily pushes him into the water. Unlike the Frog, the Mouse who can not swim dies and is eaten by a Hawk. The lesson of this story is, choose your friends carefully.

There are people who become friends with others for the sake of bring destruction into their lives and act like their friends.

Thousand and thousands of people die each day due to alcohol and drugs. There are possiblity that those individuals had strong hatred towards drinking alcohol and doing durgs, however they might have become friends with people that do those things and indulged in and they face the consequence that comes out of it, on their own.

Alcoholic and drugs are both harmful to the human beings body; they say both can make individual's heart raise faster, causes depression, and it can interfere with the way they think and move their body. Furthermore, a individual has the ability to strive against such behavior, even if their very own friends or colleagues influence them to attempt unnessary behavior. Although, striving against bad behavior such, as drinking alcohol and doing drugs; is a difficult if the individual is addicted. However, people can still refrain from those two with a patience and consistency. If the people are well behaved they will be righteous. Doing this, the individual's mind gets used to refrain from bad behavior and abstaining from doing drugs and drinking alcohol; there are also a lot of good behavior a people can add their daily doings. Such as going to church every Sunday. WithThat being said, there are reasons why people tend to have bad behavior instead of good behavior. For one, they are reluctant for their friends to seei them un-cool and drag themselves into situations that, they dislike inside but willing to go along with what ever their friends are doing. If they refuse or not go along with what their friends are doing, the individuals will be out casted and stand alone, confused. Some people feel easier and more excepted if they do what their friends are doing, because people want to be accepted by their friends, they want to be liked by their friends and even by strangers. Based on the story, people should be very happy with themselves. There is no reason for individual to feel that they should change because of other individuals that they are hanging out. Everyone should stick to their valuse and morals and everything else will fall into their place.

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