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7. Which of the following was an advantage the North had over the South?
a. more experienced generals
b. military support from Britain
c. more money to spend on war
d. full support of all its citizens

8. In their Reconstruction, policies, both President Lincoln and President Johnson insisted upon
a. sworn statements of allegiance from a majority of citizens
b. immediate elections in all Southern states
c. Southern approval of the Thirteenth Amendment
d. a fair redistribution of land
Can't decide between A and B...

16. The main goal of the Ku Klux Klan during Reconstruction was to
a. prevent African Americans from exercising their rights
b. gain control of state legislatures
c. restore the Confederacy
d. improve conditions for poor whites.


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    ---Also, I was wondering, who runs the Jiskha facebook fan page?


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    7 and 16 are right.

    I don't know about 8. One source says that a state was readmitted to the Union when 10% signed loyalty oaths. There were not immediate elections; three states were not admitted back into the Union until after 1868. Please check your book again.

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    I have to say, it is a secret. But I am sickened by those scam artists at ETN posting advertisements. I hope the misspellings on their web page is enough notice to students that they are not to be trusted (How can a person misspell their own University name?)

    Otherwise, I wish kids would stop posting questions there, they are not going to be answered there.
    These days, if one is going to have a wall for notes, you get all kinds.
    Thanks for asking.

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    Ohh I see. Thanks for letting me know(:


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    Re: << (How can a person misspell their own University name?) >>

    At Cal State Humboldt in northern California, many students spell it Humbolt, includng (for the first few years) my son who went there. He later corrected it for his grad school applications elsewhere.

    Both spellings are common.

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    I doubt if HORWARD is a common misspelling.

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