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A department store pays its salesperson only by commission. A salesperson receives a commission of 25% on all sales if he/she has sold at least $50,000 worth of merchandise in a pay period. But only 15% if his/her sales are below $50,000. Develop a flowchart to read a record containing the salesperson's name, his/her social security number, the sales amount, and calculate the commission earned by the salesperson, and the total amount paid out in commissions to all salespersons. Each salesperson pays out 5% of the sales commission earned in taxes . Your output must show the result of the calculation for each salesperson together with the salesperson's name, his/her social security number and the sales amount and, finally the total amount paid out in commissions to all salespersons and the total taxes paid. Your flowchart should be able to process the sales commission for 200 sales persons

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