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Algebra-drwls please check!

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Posted by Megan on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 3:44pm.

I have a question if someone could help, please explain it.

Given b = -1 and h = -1, what is the equation of the graph if the parent function is y = sqrt (x)

a.y = sqrt(x-1)
b.y = sqrt (-x+1)
c.y = - sqrt (-x-1)
d.y = sqrt(-x-1)

I think it is "b"

  • Algebra-drwls please check! -

    Since neither b nor h appear in your answer choices, I have no whay of knowing what they refer to and cannot answer the question.

    You must have omitted important information or a figure.

  • Algebra-drwls please check! -

    Hi, no I just checked this-all they wanted was what a (-b) qunatity and a negative (h) quantity would do to the parent function- like how it would be written If you had the parent function y = square root of (x)-how a negative b and negative h would affect it

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