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Can you please help me check the following prepositions? Thank you.
1) I was angry with her about her behaviour.
2) I was angry/furious/annoyed/cross with her for being late.
3) I'm sure about/of that.
4) Short of (I can't find a good example)
5) I was pleased/delighted with your exam results. I was pleased you visited me (?)
6) I was surprised at the news/by the news.
7) I was impressed by/with her English. I was impressed with her?
8) I was shocked at/by what you said.
9) I was disappointed with the hotel room. I was disappointed with his behaviour in class.
10) It's nice of you to come and visit me.

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    4. I was short of extra money last week.

    The others are fine. Sometimes, there is only one preposition to use in a certain structure; at other times, there are choices.

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